The steps on this page are designed to assist you with registering gaming and streaming devices such as Roku's, Apple TV's and game consoles.

If you already have your MAC Address, click here to skip to Step 2.

Step 1 - Locate the MAC Address for your device

Select from the list of common devices below and follow the instructions to get the 16 digit MAC address. If you already know the MAC address, skip to step 2.

Step 2

Visit the Penn device registration portal by clicking here.

Once logged in:
1. Enter your 16 digit MAC address.
2. Enter a brief description of your device (Echo, Playstation 4, etc.)
3. Click the 'Register Device' button.

4. Record the password displayed by clicking on the ? next to "How do I connect my device".  You will need this once your device has registered.

APD Example

Below is a video tutorial to help you register your device in the device registration portal.

Step 3

Connect your registered device to the AirPennNet-Device network.

When prompted by your device:
1. Enter the device password displayed on the device registration portal.

Your device should now be connected to the network. Please submit a ticket by clicking here if you experience any issues.

 Note: There may be a slight delay in connecting to the network after you've followed all these steps. Wait about 30-45min before submitting a ticket.