University of Pennsylvania has moved away from traditional cable television using a coax cable plugged into the wall in favor of the XFINITY on Campus streaming service.  These legacy coax wall ports will no longer work. XFINITY on Campus offers many more channels using the Xfinity app, website, smart TV apps, and anywhere you can log onto your Xfinity account. Only one device can be streaming at a time.

You can also use your XFINITY login for other third party apps like CBS, ABC, FOX Sports, etc.

If connecting a smart TV or accessing the XFINITY app through a gaming device, you will need to enter the code given to you from the app on your device to the website and Log In with your credentials from there.

To access your XFINITY account through Penn, make sure your account is set up by going to Xfinity Stream, 

- On this page you will click Sign-In

- Then select XFINITY On Campus students

- Choose University of Pennsylvania

- Then log in with your PennKey and PennKey password (You will have to two-factor authenticate if you haven't selected "Trust this browser")