Android device

  1. Go to settings > Connections > Wi-Fi and select ‘Connect to AirPennNet’ network.
  2. Navigate to the main page and open the Chrome app. Search for or
  3. Configure and connect page will ask you to download app, select Download.
  4. Select Google Play Store to install the Secure W2 App. Select Install and then Open.
  5. Select Yes, app will configure and connect.
  6. Location access will pop up and you will select ‘Allow all the time’
  7. Enter in your PennKey and your PennKey password. Tap continue.
  8. Once connected, select Next and the bottom
  9. Follow the directions on this page to remove the Connect to AirPennNet network.

To remove the Connect to AirPennNet network

  1. Navigate back to settings app
  2. Go to connections
  3. Select Wi-Fi
  4. Hold down on ‘Connect to AirPennNet’ and select ‘Forget this network’
  5. You are now connected to AirPennNet.

Below is a video tutorial to help you connect your Android device to AirPennNet.